About Me

I, Tamika Strong, have many titles.  A Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Christian, Librarian, Indexer, Reader, Writer, Researcher, Historian, Crocheter, and Genealogist among other things.

I am a lover of the history of my people.  I began a journey many years ago to learn more about the history of my people in the city once labelled “A City to Busy to Hate” and from this grew a curiosity about my personal history.   This curiosity became questions – who were my people and where did they come from?

So 8 years ago, I set out to find them.  I have found many of them but this is only the beginning.  Their stories have yet to be told.  That’s where I come in.  Its my goal to give voice to those who may have had to live their lives in silence because of various circumstances.  Ancestors, if you are ready to tell your story, I am ready to receive it.