Yesterday, after running errands, my mother and I, along with my nephew, visited Southview Cemetery in Atlanta, Fulton. Georgia. Southview is the resting place for many of my family members. This being the case, since we were there, my mother and I took my nephew to the resting places for his great grandfather Henry Maddox, his great great grandmother Bessie Padgett Blake and his grand uncle Stanley Maddox. As we traveled over the grounds, my mother shared with him the names of other relatives who are buried there.

After we left, I couldn’t help but think there’s nothing like a visit to the cemetery to reignite the desire to do genealogy. I know others would argue and a say there were others ways to relight that interest in genealogy, but for me at this moment, it was this happenstance visit to the cemetery.

My uncle Stanley as his tombstone says, passed away on May 27, 1970. My mother remarked that his death day is a day after my sister’s birthday (she was born 13 years later). That’s definitely one way to cement a date in one’s mind, to relate it to a current event.

Since that visit, I haven’t been able to get my uncle off my mind. He was the oldest of my grandmother Maggie’s children with her second husband, Henry Charles.  He died at the age of 15 due to a form of leukemia.  He was a student in the Atlanta Public School System. I have a copy of his funeral program, a picture of his tombstone, possibly a copy of his obituary and a birth register. This is the extent of my knowledge of him.

Since this is the case and it seems that he has a hold on me, my goal for the next few blog posts is to examine the information I have for him and to create a research plan to find more information about him. Will you join me on this journey? I hope so. Thanks for reading and happy hunting!