Right now, adult coloring is all of the rave.  Though I am intrigued by the coloring sheets and books that are flooding the market, I prefer sheets that are a bit older.

I’m in the middle of “processing” some recently printed documents related to the Swinger Family Line I’m tracing.  For some reason, this line has caught my eye and attention and is demanding my time so how am I to go against it.

So instead of working on my mother’s maternal line for the Genealogy Do-Over, I’m doing a new line and am trying to apply some of the strategies to this line as I go.

What does any of this have to do with coloring? Well, when I print off records like the Census, Obituaries, Tax Form, or even Georgia Convict records (I have a few of them too), I like to highlight (color) the section of the document that is relevant to the family line.  I use the tried and true yellow highlighter, preferably a Sharpie that doesn’t smear the ink.  I like the wide highlighters for the larger sections and the smaller highlighters for the smaller one.

So all that to say, color on and highlight the areas of those documents to make the information pop on the page!!

Happy Researching!