Saturday was a Genealogy Saturday, the term I give to the days where I’m attending a genealogy related event.  The presentation was very good and I walked away with some tips on online searching that I plan to try out.  Afterward, being the library lover that I am, I left one library and headed to the one where my husband works so I can work on an indexing project.

Did I get to work on it?  Nope.  Instead, I spent the afternoon looking at microfilms trying to track down an obituary for a library patron who submitted the request via the Library’s Email A Librarian account that my hubby had the pleasure of being assigned to that day.  So being the genealogy nut that I am (on occasion), I figured I would try my hand at it.  The death date was 23 May 1906 and the person died in Decatur, GA. Armed with that information I headed to the Atlanta Constitution and when I didn’t find anything there, I turned to the Atlanta Journal.

After looking at a few issues, I learned that in the issues of the Atlanta Constitution and the Journal that I perused, they didn’t have the table of contents that they had in later years.  And let me tell you, I was definitely missing it.  Amazing how you don’t realize how helpful something is until you don’t have it!  So I started reading through the paper and after a while, a pattern emerged and I noticed that there weren’t many death or funeral notices in the papers.  I’m sure more people were passing away so I’m guessing only the people with money was able to put a notice in the paper.  I also noticed that none of the death notices I saw were for African Americans.  I came to this conclusion based on the cemeteries where the people were interred because remember, this is 1906 Atlanta.

Determined to be thorough in my search, I did find something that I thought was interesting.  I found an area called Daily Statistics.  This section provided records of Property Transfers, Building Permits, Court Records and Deaths.  Yeap, Deaths.  So of course, I had to read through it and guess what, I found mention of colored deaths. Now I’m intrigued! And being that I’m interested in pulling out information about people of color, in addition to looking for the obituary of the man, I started looking for the Daily Statistics section and making copies of the Death sections.  My plan, though a possibly tedious one, is to find these sections and transcribe the listings for the people of color.  One reason is to extract the information but also, its a way of demonstrating that though the paper was segregated, people of color were still included on a small scale in the predominately white newspaper.  So the lesson from this post is even if its segregated, still take a look. You never know what you will find.

Information transcribed as listed.

Daily Statistics Atlanta Journal May 21, 1906 pg. 5

  • Promise Nesbit, colored, 60 years, heart failure, rear 237 Butler street. Interment Southview
  • Thomas Monigan, colored, 29 years, cerebrospinal meningitis, Grady hospital. Interment Southview
  • Fannie Brown, colored, 45 years, cancer, 276 Melton avenue. Interment Sunnyside, Ga.


Daily Statistics Atlanta Journal May 23, 1906 pg. 15

  • Mary Barfield, colored, 17 years, phthists, 322 Auburn avenue. Interment Cuthbert, Ga.
  • Willie Murphy, colored, 4 years, convulsions, 270 Bass street. Interment Southview.
  • Daisy Lewis, colored, 18 years, heart disease, 10 Boaz street. Interment Southview


Daily Statistics Atlanta Journal May 24, 1906 – None found 


Daily Statistics Atlanta Journal May 25, 1906 pg. 19

  • Della Moody, colored, 27 years, stomach trouble, Grady hospital. Interment Newnan, Ga.
  • John B. Carmichael, colored, 35 years, consumption, 125 Terry street. Interment Southview
  • Josephine Washington, colored, 32 years, pernicious anaemia, 59 Jeptha street. Interment Southview
  • James Tookes, colored, 28 years, pulmonary tuberculosis, Grady Hospital. Interment Southview


Daily Statistics Atlanta Journal May 26, 1906 pg. 13

  • Zelmer Watson, colored, 8 years, gastro-enteritis, 267 Mangum street. Interment Southview
  • Edward B. Rutledge, colored, 2 months, inanition, rear 123 North Butler street. Interment Southview
  • Clarence Singleton, colored, 24 years, gun shot in head, 316 Spring street. Interment Southview
  • L. J. Mayson, colored, 8 months, pneumonia, 23 Gregg street. Interment Southview
  • Jannie Phillips, colored, 65 years, chronic bronchitis, 21 Kennesaw alley. Interment Social Circle, Ga
  • Florence Herrington, colored, 24 years, 175 Houston street. Interment Southview


Daily Statistics Atlanta Journal May 28, 1906 pg. 3

  • Gus Cato, colored, 60 years, asthma; 64 North McDaniel street. Interment Southview.
  • Roy Gray, colored, 1 year, gastro-enteritis, 154 Piedmont avenue. Interment Southview.
  • Charley Stevens, colored, 23 years, tuberculosis, 286 Bass street. Interment Southview
  • Dora Travis, colored, 37 years, rear 169 Woodward avenue. Interment Southview
  • Jesse Stewart, colored, 11 months, 134 East Ellis street. Interment Southview


Daily Statistics Atlanta Journal May 29, 1906 – No people of color listed


Daily Statistics Atlanta Journal May 30, 1906 and May 31, 1906 – None found 


Here’s a picture of one of the Daily Statistics sections taken from the May 29, 1906 issue of the Atlanta Journal.

Atl Jrnl May 29 1906 Daily Stats