You know how sometimes you can hear or read something one day and it doesn’t affect you but then when you interact with it again, it has a different affect?

After church on Sunday, a thought was planted by the pastor’s sermon to read/listen to the 4 books of the gospel.  So as I listen to Matthew, the first of the four, I sat listening to the genealogy of Jesus, from Abraham on down to King David, King Solomon, down to Joseph and Mary.  Its amazing to hear this and to now understand what the genealogy means.  I had read/listened to it before but back then I wondered what was the relevance of all of the begots (King James Version).

Why a post on biblical genealogies?  It is done to illustrated the idea that information will be revealed to you in due time or at the time when you are ready to receive it.  This thought also applies to genealogy in the sense that we review documents and at the time, are not sure if its relevant to our research only to find later that it was the missing key.

So I say all this to say, take the time to revisit your documents and reread your stories as they may be hiding the key to making that connection in your family history.