The Georgia Archives has gone through many changes in the past few months.

There was the threat of closure – see my previous post, Save the Georgia Archives, for more information.

Then the Archives moved from under the Secretary of State’s Office to the University System of Georgia.

Then the days it was open to the public increased from Friday & Saturday to its current offering of Wednesday – Saturday, 8:30am – 5pm.

And now there is another change – a newly designed website which can be found here –

I was prompted to visit the site after receiving Genealogy News and Tips from the Heritage Room of the Athens-Clarke County Library.  You can add your email address to their mailing list by going here and filling out the form.  Don’t forget to visit the Heritage Room site for more information about events and resources.

When I navigated to the new Archives website, I was immediately impressed by the clean look of the site and how easy it was to read the information contained on it.  It looks like they put all of the pertinent information front and center, which is great because you don’t have to go hunting for the important links like the Virtual Vault, the Finding Aids, and the Book Catalog (GIL).

I looked around the site and found a few sections that might be of interest to genealogists.

From the home page, I clicked on the link for Historical Organizations Directory and found that I could search for organizations by County, Organization Name, Type of Organization, City, and Keywords.  As a test, I typed in African American just to see what would come up and several organizations and institutions were included in the results, including the Beach Institute, the Morgan County African American Museum, and the Tubman African American Museum.

Under the Research tab, there’s a page entitled Policies That Affect the Public. On this page is a link, Donate Materials.  Here you can find information about what items the Archives will accept, including up to 25 pages of material per family name per contribution could be accepted for the Family History Vertical File.  If you are interested in sharing with the Archives some of the information you have gathered about your family, this looks like a great opportunity for you.  Hopefully you will consider it.

Also, under the Research tab, is the Research Help section which features Online Research Guides on various topics, some of which are listed below.  The Guides are not listed in alphabetical order on the site so you may have to scroll a bit to find some.  Also, some documents are PDFs and are denoted with the Adobe PDF icon.

I don’t know about you but I am definitely going to visit the site often.  Kudos to the Archives web team for providing users with a very user friendly and informative site! I hope you will go and visit it often!