We’re all very busy and for some of us, that means that we have very little time to devote to our genealogy research.  That statement describes me to a T because between work, crochet, indexing, home, family and soon school, finding time to do research can be very challenging.

What I have tried to do to combat this is to watch a webinar or web based seminar on various genealogy related topics.  And the best place to find them all in one place is…you guessed it YouTube!

Youtube is a clearing house of videos for instruction and entertainment.  It has something for everyone and a video on nearly every topic under the sun.  Don’t believe me? Just go to the site and type in something your curious about and see what results are returned.

If you have a Google account, i.e. gmail, etc., you have access to your own personal YouTube since its owned by Google.  When you log into your Google account, you can go to YouTube and start watching videos and your account will keep a history of the videos you have watched.  On one hand, this can be very helpful and on the other, a bit scary but that’s the age we live in now.

So back to the webinars.  The big players in the Genealogy world and even the small players have channels in YouTube. These channels, very similar to the channels on TV, provides their viewers access to the content they have created.  For instance, Ancestry.com has a channel that contains videos/webinars that teach people how to use its resources and provides tips to help you with your research.

One of my favorite Ancestry.com series is Five Minute Finds.  Who doesn’t have five minutes to learn a tip or two to help with your research pursuits?  I do.  If you have a smart phone, a tablet, or break at work, I’m sure you can find five minutes to learn a tip to help you with your genealogy research.

With that said, here are a few video’s that I’ve found to be helpful.  And these may make a repeat performance in a later post.

Five Minute Finds:

  • Wife Hunting – Tip on finding the Wife prior to her marriage in the census.
  • Find the Parents (Five Minute Fridays) – Shares quick tips for finding the parents of your ancestor.

So there are five videos to get you started.  If you want to find more, go to the Ancestry.com channel and search for Five Minute Finds or from the main YouTube page, type Five Minute Finds Ancestry.com in the search box.

Good luck and Enjoy!