With the beginning of a new year, like many others in the world, I have decided to make some changes this year.  Tonight at the Genealogy Group meeting, we discussed our genealogy goals for the year.  Mine are to start my genealogy research over, get organized and increase and expand my knowledge of genealogical research methodologies…basically take more genealogy classes to add to what I already know.  I know, maybe it was easier saying taking more genealogy classes but expanding my knowledge of genealogical research methodologies sounds very….educated.

LOL…anyway, since I now have information on both my maternal and paternal lines, I have a choice to make.  The easier of the two would probably be my mother’s line since I have much more information and am more familiar with it but on the other hand, why not tackle the paternal side? I can learn more about them and all of the information would be relatively new. I can also spend time getting to know the family in an effort to learn about the ancestors and get introduced to the living relatives.  So I guess I have my answer.

Well, here goes.  Wish me luck, because I’m sure I’m going to need it.  My other goal is to blog more so I guess I can blog about my experience as I work on my goals.  Hopefully you also have some genealogy goals for 2013.  If you do, post them in the comment section. I love to hear “read” them. Until next time.  Peace & Blessings!