I have been spending some time on Ancestry lately. I told myself that I wouldn’t add to the paper pile I have since I’m trying to organized and mine the resources I have for genealogy gold.  Let’s just say that this no-additional-paper diet didn’t last very long.

In addition to searching for more resources, I have been updating the family tree I have posted there.  One neat thing about the family trees in Ancestry is when you add a person to your tree, the system is compares the information in the record to Ancestry’s databases to find more resources.  If there is a hit, a green leaf appears next to your ancestor’s name. Once you click it, you can review the hint (as they call them) and either accept or ignore it.  I have had many positive results from this system, including the connecting of other members family trees.  I have one person who has been very helpful whereas in another member’s tree, I’m not sure if we are researching the same people.

Oh well, sometimes it works out that way. But the thing that really got me excited was that a member sent me a message today and told me that my maternal 2nd great grandparents are also her maternal 2nd great grandparents.  Of course I immediately responded and hoped they would respond to me just as quickly.  The person did not disappoint me.  From our exchange, I learned of the existence of a book on the history of the family, written by the son of my 2nd great grandfather Albert Printup.

The book is title Nolle Prosse and, according to WorldCat, there are only 11 copies in the world.  It just so happens that I will be visiting a library that has a copy of the book.  I can not wait to get my hands on it.  So you never know when a major piece of the puzzle may fall in your lap. Can you tell I’m excited?